A quick guide to different forms of business

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • General Partnership
  • Corporation
  • Business or Style name for a Corporation
  • Trademark

Sole Proprietorship

This term defines those individuals who are setting up a business and trying to run a business in its simplest form. When it comes paying debts, the person running the business is responsible. It is not a legal entity, though. A sole proprietorship can either choose to be run under the name of its owner or in some fictitious name.

A sole proprietorship will lose all of its assets and if a creditor has a claim against it. If there is a desire to carry on the business on some fictitious name like we mentioned before, then, in this case, it will have to be registered with the Ministry of Government Services (MGS) with implications from Business Names Act. The fee would have to be paid. But otherwise, there is no need to register the business.

In the former case, the registration is only valid up to 5 years after which it needs to be renewed.


As the name implies, a partnership is an agreement between two people who are willing to join their forces and resources in order to generate profits by establishing a business. A lawyer is needed to help establish some ground rules between the parties not only for the preservation of the business but also for the partnership itself. These rules also govern the division of the profit among the two shareholders.

General Partnership

In this type of business, all the partners are responsible for each other’s actions. Since the business is a divided among the shareholders, they are all entitled to its liabilities individually. For the purpose of safety and obeying the law, all of the credentials of the partners have to be registered with the Ministry of Government Services.

Like the partnership, the general partnership registration also has to be renewed every 5 years.


A legal entity which is separate from its owners and is capable of surviving on its own. A corporation has the right to enter into contracts, borrow money, sue and be sued, carry out human resource tasks, own assets, pay taxes just like any individual.

Often called a legal person, a corporation is formed by the partnership of many people or even by a single person for profit. When it comes to liabilities, a corporation is entitled to a limit, unlike an individual.

Investors and financial institutions mainly offer corporations because of the benefits such as setting up the pension plan, profit sharing options and the ability to carry out operations even if one of the shareholder dies.

If we talk about a not-for-profit corporation, then its sole purpose is to carry out charities, religious or professional tasks without any objectives for profit. In this category, there are five types.

  • Charities
  • Social Clubs
  • Athletic organizations
  • Service clubs
  • Trade associations
  • Business name for a Corporation

    There is a need to register any other name under BNA if a corporate run on it as opposed to its own. This registration has to renewed every 5 years, and it cannot end with any legal abbreviations.

    The name other than the original is also called a style name, a trade name, or any other name added showing the ownership.

    Are you ready to incorporate?

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  • To form Ontario For-profit corporation under Ontario Business Corporations Act
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  • To form a new Federal for-profit corporation under Canada Business Corporation Act
  • To change the name of already established Ontario or Federal Corporation
  • Upon the purchase of the report, you are entitled to enter the database of NUANS® which contains the names of corporation, firm or business names and their trademarks which are in registration in Canada. These registered names are administered by Industry Canada and the provinces also have their part in it with the exception of Quebec.

    Use the NUANS® Report to:

  • Establish an Ontario or Federal Corporation
  • See if a trademark is available
  • We are delighted to present the following services for your corporation:
  • Searching the name and its reservation
  • Name reservation and approval beforehand for federal incorporations
  • Incorporation Articles
  • Filing of the Initial Return for corporations in Ontario
  • Minute book and seal reservations for corporates

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    The consulting services which we offer are spread among the following areas:

  • Selection of proper accounting software and its usage
  • Valuation of your Business
  • Sale and purchase of a business
  • Improvement of Business Process
  • Computers and the systems incorporating them
  • Planning regarding retirement and finance

    Selection of Proper Accounting Software and Its Usage

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  • Business Consulting

    Our clients are always satisfied when it comes to enhancing the business profitability and growth. This is because we have helped them through their hard time and are ready to help you by providing all the possible solutions that can be applied.

    Business Succession Planning

    As you may know, by effectively transferring assets to your beneficiaries can result in the seamless continuation of the business. In order to make the succession process feasible and successful, we can help you through our experience and professionalism by paying heed to your problems and striving to find their solutions.

    Business Valuations

    Business Valuation comes in handy in sales and purchases. Also, it is deemed paramount in resetting a business and seeing the agreement between partners, settlements of matrimony or proceedings of real estate.

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    Computer Consulting

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    Management Advisory Services

    Managers and their teams play a vital role in facilitating the growth of any business. We as a company can help strengthen the strategies of your management team through valuable feedback.

    Purchase and Sale of a Business

    Successful Transaction, valuation, analysis of cash flow, minimization of tax and transferring of assets are the keys to successfully sell and buy a business. As we have a pool of experienced employs, we can help you in planning and preparing strategies for successful function of the aforesaid.

    Retirement Planning

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    We also offer other accounting services. These services speak of our professional experience that we have gained so far by satisfying the needs of many clients over the years and by learning through implementation. We take pride in being able to produce such variety and also thank our customers for allowing us a chance of involving the services below.

  • Debt Management
  • Asset Protection
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate recovery
  • Expert sounding board services
  • Employee benefit plans
  • Cash flow management
  • Starting up a business or expanding it
  • Legalization support
  • Corporate Recovery

    If your business is going through a financial setback, then we are here to support you through your hard times. With proper cash management, refinancing, and assistance in knowing about the potential risks, we can pull you out from your problems in no time.

    Disaster Recovery Planning

    As the name implies, we offer our services in planning to tackle any future emergency such natural disasters. We can develop a plan that will effectively pinpoint all the potentially risky agents that could cause a devastating harm to your business and will recover it for better operations

    Elder Planning

    We understand the type of care that is necessary for an elder. Our special considerations allow us in constructing easy and implementable plans that can assit you in caring for your elders or your senior clients.